Posted on 25/11/2010 in category Legislation

URGENT – Renewal of AQSIQ Registration – Additional information re. BIR News dated 19 November 2010

On 19 November 2010 BIR issued a news regarding the situation with the renewal of the AQSIQ registration. Following a number of queries, some clarification seems appropriate:

So far, AQSIQ approved 3,159 licences in total. The overseas suppliers who received their AQSIQ registration were listed by the Chinese Authorities in Appendix 1 of the announcement 83 (2010), which BIR circulated on 19 November 2010 to its membership.

Among these 3,159 originally licensed companies, 2,226 were supposed to renew their licences which were expiring at the end of 2010.

We were informed that so far approx. 1,500 overseas suppliers applied to renew their licences and that 80% of these applications were rejected for various reasons.

Those who were rejected should normally have been informed by AQSIQ. In case of doubt we recommend that you contact AQSIQ as quickly as possible.

AQSIQ informed us that a list of re-approved companies will be posted by the end of this month on their website. Those companies who have not been approved yet need to apply or reapply as soon as possible before the end of the year, i.e. when their license expires.

As an additional update on the current situation, we are pleased to put at your disposal the presentation given by AQSIQ at a recent conference of CMRA, one of the Chinese national associations who is member of BIR.

These slides in Chinese and English summarise the legal texts and the procedures for registration renewal and for new applications. They also illustrate rejection cases and explain what was missing.

Please note that none of this information can be published, distributed or reproduced without the explicit consent of BIR.