After a quarter of a century, China issues its final quotas

  • 09 December 2020

This year’s 13th batch of scrap import quotas was the last to be approved under a system adopted by China some 25 years ago.

These latest import quotas for scrap copper, aluminium, steel and paper were published by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) Solid Waste and Chemical Management Center on October 19 with a list of importers approved by the ministry. This is the final approval of imports for 2020 and also the last to be approved under the solid waste import quota system introduced by China in 1995. The MEE has stopped accepting and approving import licence applications for solid waste that can be used as raw materials.

MEE-approved scrap import quota volumes totalled 8,429,968 tons in 2020, including 882,697 tons of copper scrap, 821,519 tons of aluminium scrap, 24,467 tons of steel & iron scrap and 6,701,285 tons of recovered paper (...) Read more 

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