BIR Ambassadors Committee Report – April 2022

  • 28 April 2022

Salam Sharif 20222

All eyes are on Barcelona. After two years of virtual meetings, it’s high time to meet and greet once again at a face-to-face BIR Convention.

Our Ambassadors have been promoting BIR and the upcoming gathering in Barcelona through a combination of social media, conference participation and interviews, thereby keeping the BIR flag flying high. They have been raising awareness of our recycling industry and enticing new members to join our world organization. 

At the recent ISRI Convention and Exposition in Las Vegas attended by over 5000 people from 53 countries, our BIR President Tom Bird addressed in an interview the many challenges faced by the recycling industry over the past two years and highlighted the excellent work not only to manoeuvre BIR through these difficult times but also to reach out to all BIR members and provide them with the necessary information to make strategic decisions for their businesses.

During his speech at the general session, Brian Shine (US East Coast Ambassador) envisioned highlighting all of the great work being done by BIR around the globe in a bid to attract more ISRI members to our world organization. Some ISRI members are interested in joining BIR and would like to participate in future Conventions.

Susie Burrage (UK Ambassador) has written an article for - a business website with over 50,000 subscribers: “Tips to help your business be eco-friendlier” was published on Earth Day. She has also been interviewed by UK magazine Materials Recycling World for its May edition in which her various roles - including those within BIR - will be highlighted. Also, she is currently helping a company to reinstate its BIR membership.

Murat Bayram (Ambassador for Germany) has done a lot of promotional work at local VDM meetings for the upcoming BIR Convention in Barcelona while also convincing two new companies - from Germany and Turkey - to become BIR members. He keeps on liking, commenting and sharing BIR updates on social media. Meanwhile, Aamer Malik (Ambassador for Pakistan) has successfully persuaded one new member from the USA (ALLIED RECYCLING CENTER) to join BIR.

Turning to the Middle East, I was interviewed by Dubai TV during EXPO 2020 as part of its programme on Recycling & Socioeconomic Sustainability. I highlighted how recycling reduces CO2 emissions and global warming, and how we can save the planet by recycling. I introduced BIR and explained the importance of every household and citizen becoming a “Green Ambassador”. I have also been invited as a speaker on May 18 regarding “How UAE tax will contribute to economic sustainability”, during which I plan to link energy and commodity preservation as key to future sustainability.

Overall activity levels have been quieter during Ramadan, which ends shortly. Best wishes in Ramadan Kareem to all fasting members.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Barcelona.

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