BIR Barcelona Convention: Eric Niedziela, VP Climate Action ArcelorMittal Europe, and Olivier François, EuRIC President, speak at upcoming Ferrous Division meeting

  • 06 May 2022

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While the world’s economies are expected to continue their recovery over the course of 2022 and beyond, growth expectations have generally been lowered owing to the effects of the Ukraine conflict, supply chain complexities and mounting inflation, among other factors. Crude steel production has been one of the victims of this dip in sentiment, with output falling by more than 5% worldwide in the opening two months of 2022 and by 10% in China. So what does all this mean for a ferrous scrap sector already grappling with day-to-day issues such as market volatility and rising energy costs? The May 24 meeting of the BIR Ferrous Division in Barcelona will be the perfect place to find some answers.

Under the presidency of Denis Reuter (TSR Recycling, DEU), the plenary meeting will feature two guest speakers, an interactive Q & A session as well as a presentation on the new edition of the Division’s flagship publication Word Steel Recycling in Figures.

The Ferrous Division is proud to welcome a renowned figure of the international steel sector, keynote speaker Eric NiedzielaVP Climate Action ArcelorMittal Europe. In a presentation with the title “ArcelorMittal Smarter Steels for people and planet”, Mr Niedziela will talk about decarbonization strategies (focussing on challenges and opportunities) and their impact on future demand and quality requirements for steel scrap.

After a first experience in an ArcelorMittal pipe-making company, Mr Niedziela, who is an Ensam engineer, held various positions within the group in the Stainless Steel and Alloys Divisions, before joining the Business Division North of ArcelorMittal Europe – Flats Products in 2009 as Chief Technology Officer. From 2014 to 2021, he was Chief Executive Officer of ArcelorMittal France, managing the North Cluster comprised of 7 flat products plants in Northern France and 1 administrative and sales site. Since 2021, Mr Niedziela has been Vice President Climate Action for ArcelorMittal Europe, overseeing the transition of European operations towards carbon neutrality, and Chairman of ArcelorMittal France. 

Second speaker will be Olivier Francois, Market Development Officer at Galloo (BEL/FRA), in his most recent capacity as President of EuRIC, the European recycling industries confederation, and also as Chairman of the BIR International Environment Council. He will explain in more detail the implications of the “Revision of the European Waste Shipment Regulation and expected effects on the global recycling industry”.

Mr François has been working at GALLOO since 2000.  As a Market Development Officer, he is in charge of new businesses and environmental affairs. He studied chemical engineering at ESCOM (Paris, 1979) and completed his PhD in the same field at UTC (Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France) in 1992. He worked in various fields including recycling and energy businesses, touching on recycling of nuclear material from power plant and waste-to-energy management (expert in exhaust gas treatment processes). Mr François also serves as Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of FEDEREC (the French Federation of Recycling Enterprises).

After a subsequent panel discussion based on questions and answers from divisional board members and the audience, Rolf Willeke, the Ferrous Division’s Statistics Advisor, will present the main findings of the 13th edition of World Steel Recycling in Figures, which features the new telling subtitle “a Raw Material for Green Steelmaking”.

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