BIR Barcelona Convention - Shredder Committee: Market forces favouring shredder technology take-up

  • 03 May 2022

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Many of the market forces at play in the recycling sector today are pushing in the direction of an increased uptake of latest technology, including particularly healthy growth in shredder installation numbers around the world. At the same time, elevated non-ferrous metals prices and the increasing import quality requirements imposed by many governments have combined to trigger substantial investment in additional downstream separation equipment at shredder operations.

Are these trends set to continue for the foreseeable future? And what are the main challenges currently facing prospective shredder buyers and established operators?

Such questions will provide the platform for expert debate at the BIR Shredder Committee meeting in Barcelona on May 24 under the chairmanship of Alton Scott Newell III, Newell Recycling Equipment (USA), who, in the framework of the meeting, will also give an update on the world shredder list.

Invited guest speakers include:

Martin Dörner is Sales Manager Recycling at Venti Oelde (DEU), where he has been responsible for shredder plants worldwide for more than 20 years. During this work he gained a lot of experience with these plants. Venti Oelde plants and components are used for collecting, handling and filtering of air, vapours, gases, dust and airborne solids. Apart from industrial fans, their manufacturing programme includes dust collection and process gas cleaning plants, exhaust air treatment plants, ventilating, heating and air-conditioning plants, recycling and waste treatment plants as well as plants for surface technology. Maintenance, servicing, inspection, repairs as well as plant upgrading, rationalisation and enlargement complete the available services. Experienced specialists in a large number of outside offices and agents ensure expert support all round the world and quick contact to all business partners. Mr Dörner will give a presentation on “Dry working shredder dust extraction system for best emission results in dust and VOC”.

The second speaker is Frederick Thoma, Head of Sales at Lybover AIR, part of the Belgian family-owned Lybover group, implementing the products of Keller Lufttechnik (DEU) in various dust extraction projects. Thanks to the extensive product range from Keller Lufttechnik, dust and VOC abatement systems have been realized in many industrial process worldwide. Over the years Lybover AIR has implemented many airborn abatement systems for metal scrap yards successfully in Western Europe. Moreover, thanks to the specific activities of other business units in the Lybover Group, more specifically Lybover RECYCLING, Lybover AIR has a wide expertise in recycling processes. As airborn emissions are challenging in Belgium, Lybover AIR has been developing full scale PCB and VOC abatement systems since 2011.

Ross Bartley, Trade & Environment Director of BIR, will give additional information on the Shredder Safety Survey for 2021.

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