BIR Barcelona Convention - Tyres & Rubber Committee: Unprecedented growth and development for the Tyres & Rubber recycling sector

  • 11 May 2022

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The tyre and rubber recycling sector is currently experiencing an unprecedented traction and interest with numerous emerging possibilities for breathing new life into tyres and other rubber products.

With current European demand estimated to be around 200,000 metric tonnes per year and expected to increase fivefold over the next 25 years, the recycled rubber market has recently become one of the most dynamic sectors of the recycling industry.

Upcoming legislative changes in the EU regarding a potential minimum content of recycled material in tyres will be the primary driver of growth with high quality micronized rubber powder seen as a good alternative to virgin material for international brands looking at boosting the recycled content of their new products.

For logistics reasons, the BIR Plastics Committee session will be pre-recorded and broadcast on Wednesday, 25 May at 11.00 am in the plenary area of the Convention hotel in Barcelona. A panel discussion, which will be moderated by Committee Chairman Max Craipeau (Greencore Resources Ltd, CHN) and Martin Wolfersdorff (Wolfersdorff Consulting, DEU), brings together a host of guests who present various aspects of the tyre and rubber recycling sector:

  • Robert Weibold, Managing Director, Robert Weibold GmbH (DEU): New partnerships in the industry, fundraising and growing interest in the sector
  • Sonia Megert, COO, TRS Tyre Recycling Solutions SA (CHE): “Swiss Tyre Recycling Solutions partners with Synthos on recycled rubber materials”
  • Christian Lemke, Sales & Business Development Manager, Synthos (DEU)
  • Emmanuel Katrakis, Secretary General, EURIC: Rumours anticipating the upcoming legislative changes in the EU regarding a potential minimum content of recycled material in tyres

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona on (22) 23-25 May 2022! 

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