Important: Message from BIR President Tom Bird

  • 19 November 2020
  • BIR

Dear BIR member,

We have successfully completed the recent BIR World Recycling Convention Week, our first full virtual event offering a host of webinars and interactive networking opportunities. Many of you have signed up, and by doing so you have shown your support for our efforts to maintain our members’ market intelligence and business relations that we would normally offer during our physical get-togethers.

We all know that a virtual event can never replace the beat of a live Convention, but in the current climate there were just no other alternatives, and while I am writing these words, most of our members’ countries across the globe are battling the second wave of the pandemic.

During our October event, we implemented a new networking tool that was intended to provide a good alternative (as much as this is possible) to our physical trading activities during our live conventions. While many of you took advantage of this feature, most of you showed an even greater interest in the online webinars and round-table discussions. We never stop learning and adapting our services to our members’ needs, and therefore we will contact some of you in the near future to see what you would like us to offer you with regards to our online products.

The world is now confident that COVID 19 will eventually level out and vaccines will be available as from the end of this year. As we are finalizing our Conventions roadmap for 2021, we are convinced that we will again be able to organize in-person events and find a safe way of bringing our members together as soon as travel and meeting restrictions are lifted. Organizing a physical convention has always been and remains our top priority.

Of course, we keep monitoring the COVID situation carefully and constantly with the best interest of our members in mind. We count on your continued support, trust and understanding for our initiatives that encompass an ever-increasing range of services. Let’s not forget the crucial work we are accomplishing in close cooperation with international institutions such as UN, OECD and the EU to facilitate trade and business conditions for our members. We provide timely market intelligence in the shape of our World Mirrors and invest in studies and statistics that corroborate our claim that the recycling industry is the cornerstone of a global circular economy.

Like the industry we represent, BIR is resilient, adaptable and pro-active, and I personally commit to keeping you informed on a regular basis with regards to our ongoing plans and projects which will always reflect our aspiration to the highest standards of quality for the benefit of our members.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Bird
BIR President

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