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New BIR Global eForum Highlights and video recordings: Shredder, Plastics, Stainless Steel & Special Alloys and Tyres & Rubber

  • 16 June 2020
  • BIR Global eForum

Shredder: BIR survey to shed light on top safety hazards within shredder operations

The BIR Shredder Committee was “very excited” about its first-ever membership survey into shredder-related incidents and injuries, reported its Chairman Alton Scott Newell III of Newell Recycling Equipment in the USA. The questionnaire, the launch of which coincided with the committee’s first-ever eForum session on June 9, would be conducted at the start of every year to collate useful data from the previous 12 months, he explained.

In creating the survey, BIR had drawn on the experience of Chris Bedell, Senior Vice President at The David J. Joseph Company in the USA. Read more ... 

Plastics: Demand-pull measures crucial to recycling industry’s survival​​

Demand for recycled plastics has been “very weak”, “huge” stocks are overhanging the market and many companies are struggling with “a lack of liquidity”, while at the same time low oil values have driven down prime plastic prices. The end result, according to BIR Plastics Committee Chairman Henk Alssema of Vita Plastics in the Netherlands, has been “very low prices for all types of recycled plastics”.

Addressing the BIR Plastics eForum on June 10, Mr Alssema called on invited panellists to offer personal insights into their markets before directing follow-up questions to each in turn. Read more ... 

Stainless Steel / Special AlloysDramatically altered landscape for stainless steel and nickel​

The COVID-19 pandemic had presented the stainless steel scrap industry with “a lot of difficulties and challenges”, reported BIR Stainless Steel & Special Alloys Committee Chairman Joost van Kleef of Oryx Stainless BV in his opening remarks to the body’s eForum on June 10.

And yet the stainless steel industry had entered 2020 with a measure of optimism following the previous year’s record production of 53.2 million tonnes and a healthy demand outlook for electric vehicle batteries in particular, confirmed Natalie Scott-Gray, Senior Metals Demand Analyst - EMEA & Asia at INTL FCStone Ltd. But as a result of pandemic-related lockdowns, particularly in China, the first quarter had witnessed the lowest three-month stainless steel production figure for three years at 11.5 million tonnes. Read more ... 

Tyres & Rubber: Renewed threat to crumb rubber use as infill in sports pitches​

Impeccable timing, the BIR Tyres & Rubber Committee hosted its first-ever eForum on the day after a high-level committee called for use of crumb rubber as infill for sports pitches to be prohibited.

On June 10, the European Chemicals Agency’s Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) recommended a complete ban on the use of microplastics as infill material on the grounds that information on the effectiveness of risk management measures was incomplete and that a ban would be more effective in preventing environmental releases in the long term. The ban should apply after a transition period of six years, it has been proposed. Read more ... 


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