The next Challenge – so much more than just another webinar!

  • 08 March 2021
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This is a momentous time of change at the LME where their recently released discussion paper on proposed changes is such a seminal and currently highly charged controversial agenda for the entire global metals and commodity industries and all those stake holders. 

Among many proposals are the suggested permanent closure of the Ring after 144 years, and dramatic changes to credit margin requirements, the latter especially impacting the viability for all recyclers hedging on the Exchange. All this and more will not only affect actual users of the LME, but also all of the much wider metals community that use the LME as a contractual pricing benchmark for their business transactions. 

Matt Chamberlain, CEO of the London Metal Exchange, will actively dialogue with “The Challenge” team and host Michael Lion on all and any sensitive and controversial issues that the discussion identifies, allowing a genuinely lively and engaging conversation with never-before released content and insights.

The recordings will be available almost immediately after the webinar.

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