“Those Three Amigos are back in town! - The Challenge Live”

  • 26 April 2022

 "The Challenge Live" in Barcelona on 23 May 2022  10:30 CEST

Olé, olé, olé! Yes indeed, the Final Countdown is on, and it’s not just in Europe, but in the sensational Big B – Barcelona – with a live edition of our bi-monthly programme “The Challenge”, front and centre as part of BIR’s World Recycling Convention’s Opening session, a marquee special edition of the highly acclaimed show.

And what a show it promises to be!

The Three Amigos – The Challenge’s host Michael Lion (Chair of the International Trade Council) and resident co-anchor contributors Mark Sellier and Murat Bayram will as usual be providing their unique, thought-provoking and sometimes controversial takes on the most crucial and prescient issues impacting on our members and the Industry, which in this currently turbulent world is sure to be packed with vital material for commentary.

But there is much, much more: “The Challenge” is thrilled to bring you for this live event a truly special star guest as our main feature.

Jack Farchy, the highly respected Bloomberg News Senior Editor and co-author with his Bloomberg colleague Javier Blas of their enormously celebrated business bestseller book “The World for Sale” is joining The Amigos for what promises to be a fascinating conversation about Jack’s sensational book with its thriller-like true story of the extraordinary, opaque and often curiously secretive world, history and on-going shenanigans of the major players of the world of commodities with their crucial economic and even political impact on world events, especially in these troubled times.

“The World for Sale” takes us on a wild ride, depicting fascinating, outrageous tales, insights and most relevantly its implications for our members and the Recycling Industry. Actually, the story of those great titans of the commodity world all began at the dawn of the last century with their trading of scrap!

Our conversation with Jack will not only cover his bestseller book, but also delve into and include an exchange of views and insights with The Three Amigos about the currently highly controversial events in the commodity sector.  It surely promises to be a gang buster of a show.

But wait! To round off the show, we will – as in our last live event in Brussels – be once again including a hot seat spot, with rapid quick interview takes from a variety of selected attendees to gather their individual spontaneous impressions of the Convention to capture the thrills, excitement and inspirations that our much anticipated return to a full-blown live World Recycling Convention brings.

Whatever else you are planning during your time in Barcelona, attending this upcoming Live Special Edition of “The Challenge” is one session that will surely be an absolute must to schedule in your plans. 

We promise you will not be disappointed by participating in this block buster edition of “The Challenge”! Register Now!

More information on Jack Farchy and his book “The World for Sale”

ack Farchy is a senior reporter at Bloomberg News covering energy and commodities. He previously worked for the Financial Times, with stints as the paper’s correspondent in Moscow and as its metals reporter. He writes often about the metals and mining industry. 

 Jack co-authored the book “The World for Sale” with Javier Blas, a columnist at Bloomberg focusing on energy and commodities.

The World for Sale tells the story of the commodity trading industry, recounting how companies like Glencore, Trafigura, Vitol and Cargill got to where they are today. It's based on many years of reporting, encompassing more than 100 interviews with top traders as well as thousands of pages of unpublished financial documents. Javier and Jack have for a long time been surprised by how little has been written about the history of the industry, and with The World for Sale they've attempted to fill that gap.

The book explains not just the origins of these companies and how they make their money, but also the wider role they’ve played in shaping the global economy and in political events – tracing their involvement in everything from the collapse of the Soviet Union to the rise of China. And it argues that the commodity traders are too important for the world and its politicians and regulators to continue to ignore.

Bradley Hope, co-author of Billion Dollar Whale, called it "The definitive, eye-opening story of the most powerful and secretive traders in the world”. The Economist review described it as “gripping”, while the Financial Times said it was “educational and entertaining” and had “a thriller-like quality”. It was shortlisted for the Financial Times & McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award, and was named as a book of the year by the FT and the Economist.

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