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Webinar BIR International Environment Council: "Recycling and its complex relationship with regulation"

  • 10 November 2021

IEC Webinar

All eyes on Europe: EU Export restriction on waste and EU ELV directive recast

The latest policy and regulatory developments affecting the recycling industry will be examined at BIR’s International Environment Council webinar on November 10th. All eyes are on the European Commission and their imminent revision of the EU Waste Shipment Regulation (Regulation 1013/2006) as announced in the European Green Deal. Its implications for the international recycling industry are undoubtedly numerous. In a bespoke panel discussion, IEC Chairman Olivier François (Galloo, Belgium/France) will exchange views with EuRIC’s Secretary General Emmanuel Katrakis and Adina Adler, VP International Affairs at ISRI (USA).

Turning to a different topic, the EU Commission’s recast of the End-of-life Vehicles Directive, the International Environment Council has invited Jean-Philippe Hermine, Senior Mobility Expert at IDDRI (FRA)​ and former VP Strategic Environmental Planning, Renault Group to provide his expert views on the matter. Mr Hermine joined Renault in 1996 and was Vice President in charge of Strategic Environmental Planning for the Renault Group and CEO of Renault Environment between 2011 and 2021. At IDDRI, he designs, develops and leads a multi-stakeholder platform on the electrification and decarbonization of mobility, with the support of the European Climate Foundation (ECF). IDDRI is an independent policy research institute and a multi-stakeholder dialogue platform that identifies the conditions and proposes tools to put sustainable development at the heart of international relations and public and private policies.

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