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Webinar BIR Paper Division: "The recycling industry and the post-COVID perspective on freight​"

  • 10 November 2021

Paper Webinar

The recovered paper market has maintained its positive momentum throughout most of the year, with healthy order books for our customers and therefore good demand for most of our sector’s grades. But as Longfellow wrote: “Into each life some rain must fall.” The European Commission’s proposed restriction on exports of the continent’s recovered fibre surplus would have untold negative consequences for a well-functioning recycling market -consequences that would be nothing but damaging to the environment. And at the day-to-day business level, shipping space is proving both difficult to find and prohibitively expensive. Join our experts on November 10 for a BIR Paper Division webinar that will shine a light on all the latest developments impacting paper recycling businesses and on what the future might hold for them.

Guest speaker:

Florent NOBLET, Deputy Managing Director at Union TLF and Managing Director TLF Overseas

The Union des Entreprises de Transport et de Logistique de France (Union TLF) is the professional organization representing all companies of the transport and logistics chain. The member companies of the TLF Union intervene in the whole organization of the flow of goods: road transportation, messaging, logistics, urban delivery, multimodal (rail, river) and rental of industrial vehicles. Members of Union TLF cover one or more of these activities. Within the TLF Union, TLF Overseas is the international professional organization bringing together companies organizing air and maritime transport and customs representatives. TLF and TLF Overseas represent, promote and defend the interests of the profession towards the public authorities and French, European, international and local authorities through their regional delegations and affiliated port unions. The TLF Union is also involved in all actions and negotiations conducted by the branch in social matters, training, attractiveness of the trade. The member companies of the TLF Union represent 32.47% of employees in the sector and employ 188,848 people. The TLF Union supports and advises its members in all social, regulatory, fiscal, legislative fields.

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