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Webinar BIR Tyres & Rubber Committee: "Opening the door to new opportunities​"

  • 09 November 2021

Tyres Webinar

The upcoming webinar of the BIR Tyres & Rubber Committee under the chairmanship of Max Craipeau (Greencore Resources Ltd, China), will mainly focus on tyre pyrolysis. Carbon black is the second most widely used raw material in the rubber industry. According to worldwide statistics, carbon black used in rubber products is 90% of the total consumption of carbon black, and 67% is used in tires. Major tyre companies have set very ambitious goals towards the use of 100% sustainable materials by 2030-2050 and recycled carbon black (rCB) from tyre pyrolysis operations can not only help reach these targets but increase also circularity. 

During an interactive panel discussion entitled “Origin of the tyre pyrolysis and output of the process” two invited guest panelists will be questioned on their experience with tyre recycling in general and pyrolysis in particular:

·       Germano Carreira is CEO of BB&G-Alternative Worldwide Environmental Solutions (BB&G-AWES), an intensive technology company that utilizes a unique thermal conversion process, totally suitable for the transformation of rubber granules derived from End-of-Life Tyres (ELTs) into renewable products. 

·       Andy Yuan is Senior Project Manager at Enrestec Inc (Taiwan), a pioneering business specialized in innovative pyrolysis technology. The company specializes in the pyrolysis and recycling of used plastic, rubber, organic wastes and the development of soil thermal desorption technology and application. Services include designing organic waste pyrolysis and heat treatment system, equipment construction, manufacturing process operation and quality control. ENRESTEC aspires to be the global expert offering eco-friendly solutions and technologies that do not generate secondary pollution.

The session will be moderated by Max Craipeau and Martin von Wolfersdorff, a consultant and EASC certified coach specialising in tire-to-tire recycling and recovered carbon black. Martin works with global tire manufacturers and tire recycling companies. He is also business partner and founder of the Smithers Recovered Carbon Black Congress (next conference on Nov. 22nd/23rd 2021 in Amsterdam, Netherlands).

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