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BIR Dubai 2022: “The Challenge”: Confronting a brave new world

  • 15 September 2022

The Challenge

“The Challenge”: Confronting a brave new world
Unique simultaneous live and virtual convention edition from Dazzling Dubai 

Our intrepid Three Amigos - host Michael Lion (Chairman of the International Trade Council) along with resident co-anchor contributors Mark Sellier and Murat Bayram of our celebrated signature show “The Challenge” - are hitting the trail to BIR’s upcoming exciting Convention destination, Dubai.

Previous editions of our signature show have undoubtedly demonstrated that their past conversations including those with the LME’s Matt Chamberlain on that market’s issues, and more recently with Professor Chalmin on the spectre of inflation and stagflation, have both not only had its finger on the pulse, but prophetically and accurately anticipated crucial impactful trends.

The informative, controversial and sometimes edgy show with its ahead-of-the-curve topics is never afraid to focus on the myriad of issues confronting our industry and our members. And at this tumultuous time there is more material than ever for our Amigos’ commentary, and indeed makes our show “The Challenge” so aptly titled. “The Challenge” marquee session, immediately and seamlessly following the Opening of BIR’s World Recycling Convention in Dazzling Dubai on Monday 17 October 2022, will be the only session being uniquely presented both live at the Convention and simultaneously transmitted virtually via the BIR website (with later playback feature, too) free-to-air to all to ensure our messaging reaches both those members still travel-inhibited, and all interested stakeholders in the wider global metals community, as well as commodity market futures parties, banks, logistics and indeed the entire gamut connecting globally with recycling.

And what a show it promises to be: In addition to our Three Amigos’ review, they will later be joined in their conversation by the shows featured guest, Chris Sheppard, CEO of leading global recycler EMR - a company that is a true beacon of the future of recycling with its progressive credentials both commercially and equally with its ESG approaches.

The Warrington, UK-based private family business is a global leader in sustainable materials, collecting and processing around 10 million tonnes of metals and plastics each year, generating around $6 billion in sales, and truly exemplifies the progressive and creative opportunities and pathway that is so much the fundamental ethos of our industry.

Chris SheppardA qualified engineer, Chris was appointed Group CEO in 2012 after 2 years of running the UK & European Business and 5 years in other roles within the EMR group. Prior to working in the family business, he worked in the manufacturing industry and then as a strategy consultant to global organisations, providing decision support on major investments and business change.

His work life is balanced simply by enjoying time with family, friends and “trying to leave his 40’s in a reasonable state of fitness”.

Sharing his thoughts and views with the Three Amigos, Chris’s contribution as their special guest promises to be an undoubtedly truly compelling and insightful feature of this marquee edition of “The Challenge” that every delegate should mark down as a must to attend in their convention schedules.

That’s not all, because once again the show’s highly popular “Hot Seat” two-minute take with spontaneous input of several individuals and surprise guests that resonates the excitement of our live event will round off our Dazzling Dubai Convention edition of “The Challenge”- see you all there!

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