Throughout the year, BIR keeps its members up to date on the latest commercial, technical, legislative and environmental developments.

Here is the full list of BIR publications:


BIR publishes a range of information brochures on the organisation itself and on other topics of interest to our members secretariat.

Annual Reports

The Annual Report provides you with an analytical backward glance at the elapsed year and gives you an insight into BIR’s divisional structure and activities.

Young Traders Gazette

An initiative of the BIR Young Traders Committee, the Young Traders Gazette targets the Young Executives of BIR member companies and wants to convince the companies’ decision makers to increasingly involve younger employees in their activities within BIR and send them along to BIR conventions.


Market Reports

BIR publishes periodical commodity reports under the label "BIR World Mirror".


After each Convention, BIR issues summary proceedings in English, French and German on the most important decisions taken and reports given during the different plenary sessions.


BIR publishes a range of posters that illustrate in an easy-to-read format certain important processes pertaining to the recycling industry, such as the detection of unwanted radioactivity in scrap

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