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- BIR - Bureau of International Recycling

BIR has been active in working groups at the United Nations level for over ten years on the issue of control and management of inadvertent radioactive material in scrap metal. Several guidelines have been written by the UN-ECE, culminating in their 'Recommendations on Monitoring and Response Procedures for Radioactive Scrap Metal' in June 2006. 2011 sees the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) publishing its DS411 Safety Standard 'Orphan Radioactive Sources and Radioactively Contaminated Material in the Metal Recycling Industry'. These United Nations recommendations and standards have common themes to control and manage inadvertent radioactive material in scrap metal, amongst which is the need for companies in the business of scrap metal collection and/or sorting and/or processing and/or melting to provide their employees with basic advise on radioactivity in scrap. Therefore, BIR has employed radioactivity experts, graphic designers and translators to produce an informative poster which can be used by companies throughout the metal recycling sector, throughout the world.

National associations and companies that wish to reproduce the BIR poster for further distribution may add their logo to the right of the telephone symbol with the permission of the BIR Secretariat. However, content and layout of the rest of the poster should not be altered in any way to ensure the consistency of advice provided around the world.

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