Environmentally sound management (ESM) toolkit

Environmentally sound management (ESM) toolkit Image 1
  • Downloads
    docx 1) Compilation of training materials

    docx 2) ESM criteria

    docx 3) Facts sheets

    pdf *General Information: Implementation of ESM of wastes

    pdf *Electrical and electronic waste (E-waste)

    pdf *Waste vehicles

    pdf *Medical or healthcare waste

    pdf *Waste lead-acid batteries

    pdf *Waste oils

    pdf *Pneumatic tyres

    docx 4) Guidance on waste prevention

    docx 5) Informal sector Part 1

    docx 5) Informal sector Part 2

    docx 6) Pilot projects Part 1

    docx 6) Pilot projects Part 2

    docx 7) Practical manuals

    pdf *Terminology included in the practical manuals for the promotion of the ESM of wastes

    pdf *General policies and legislation

    pdf *Permits, licenses or authorizations

    pdf *Certification schemes

    pdf *Waste prevention

    docx 8) Private sector incentives

    docx 9) Self assessment checklist

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