A word from BIR President

Tom Bird

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The world has been full of turmoil in recent times from the perspective of: general politics; macro-economic issues ranging from Brexit to trade wars; and, of course, the huge coverage in the media relating to the environment and climate change. Where do our industry and recycling fit into, and play their part in, all of this? How do we position our industry at the forefront of the climate change and environmental debate?

BIR is the sole international/global recycling organization. With the support of national federations and members, we need to cement this position. There are a number of key areas I will be looking at and promoting as BIR President, with the support of the Director General and the secretariat.

  • Territory expansion
    I want BIR to expand its territory coverage. I will, together with the secretariat, take strong initiatives to make sure BIR expands its presence to new countries and regions of the world.
  • Positioning BIR in the climate change debate
    Recycling still has an image that needs improving and we really need to promote the positive contribution our industry makes. We will be updating all the figures in this area so we have the info to hand that enables us to better argue our case.
  • Working closely with the press
    One of the ways we can achieve an improved image is by greater media visibility and I would like BIR to work closely with the press, promoting the benefits of our industry and how it contributes to the environment.
  • Education, education, education
    This is one of the reasons why BIR created the Global Recycling Foundation. We will work more closely with the Foundation; also, BIR will be looking at education programmes relating to our sector. We will be working to see what we can do to educate a wider audience as to the role of recycling.
  • Global database of recyclers
    We need full identification of recyclers around the world - a global database, if you like.
  • Source of recycling industry data
    Something that has always been close to my heart and to the hearts of Past Presidents, particularly Dominique Maguin, we need BIR to be the “go-to” organization if figures are required from our industry. Our figures on the ferrous market are excellent but I believe we should offer more in other areas. I accept this is a resource issue and I will be discussing this with the secretariat. I should also add here that we are in the process of updating and improving the BIR website, which will benefit not only our members but those outside the sector who want to learn more about BIR and the role of recycling.

I have been in the recycling industry all of my working life, and I am passionate about it. In my position as BIR President, I intend to channel that same passion and belief in what we do to promote BIR and recycling in all areas. BIR will become more visible and be at the forefront of the debate on the environment. Ladies and gentlemen, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating! In doing so, BIR will be in a better position to represent its members and, most importantly, attract new members. BIR survives on its membership, let us be under no illusions. Members need to feel their voices are being heard, that their interests are being represented and that, ultimately, they are receiving value for money.

Ladies and gentlemen, rest assured that, as your new President, I am committed to developing BIR and look forward to serving you over the coming period.

Tom Bird
BIR President

“I intend to channel that same passion and belief in what we do to promote BIR and recycling in all areas.”

Tom Bird
A word from BIR President

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